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Our Community

In for the long haul

The Raven Protocol community knows that blockchain is going to transform the AI industry. We know that speed of training is a critical piece. We have a unique approach to distribution that has works at a small scale to speed up computation. Successfully executing this at a large scale would unlock the creation of many new AI services. Raven would sit at the forefront of bringing AI technology to the masses.

This is a long term journey into building a company of lasting value. We've been mostly in stealth and the community now is speaking loudly.

The Raven Knights


Made with ❤ by Sir Lukas [Raven Knight⚔️]

Who are they?

A group of true believers who help to continue to grow the Raven Protocol platform, ecosystem, and token utility. Raven Knights are early investors and supporters who volunteer their own time and resources to help Raven grow globally.